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Streamline your DAW workflow with Bridge

Meet the strongest link in your production chain—Splice Bridge. Bridge lets you preview samples in the key and tempo of your DAW session, before you buy them, so you can save time, save credits and maximize your creative energy.

Get Bridge via the Splice Desktop app

Bridge is a free plugin, available to all Splice Sounds subscribers. It runs in your DAW and syncs Splice Desktop to your track’s tempo and key. Transpose settings let you match the key, while tempo controls allow you to switch between regular, half-and double-time.

Screenshot of the Transpose function within the Splice desktop app.
Screenshot of Splice Bridge in Ableton.

Works with top DAWs

Bridge works seamlessly with top DAWs, including FL Studio, Ableton Live, Logic Pro and Cubase. Check out the videos below, or learn how to set up Bridge in your DAW on our blog.

Copy modified samples to your DAW

Paste transposed and time-stretched sounds straight to your DAW, so samples sound exactly as they did in Desktop. It’s as easy as cmd+V.

Screenshot of the Copy Modified Sample functionality within the Splice desktop app.

Bridge is a game changer, I love the ability to sync the tempo and key to my DAW. It’s a really inspiring way to utilize your sample library.

Oliver — producer, sound designer

Using Splice Bridge with Logic Pro
Using Splice Bridge with Ableton Live
Using Splice Bridge with FL Studio
Using Splice Bridge with Cubase

Key features

Preview sounds in context

Bridge matches samples in Splice Desktop to your track’s key and tempo.

Apply DAW effects in real time

Audition samples with your own FX and processing chains.

Fast and hassle-free setup

Activate Bridge in a few clicks to get started.

Compatible with popular DAWs

AU and VST3 versions provide compatibility with Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Garageband, Studio One and FL Studio.

Free with your Splice subscription

Bridge is included in every Splice plan. Check out our subscription options.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get access to Splice Bridge?

Splice Bridge is included with Sounds+, Creator, and Creator+ Plans. Once you’re a subscriber, follow the instructions to get started in Ableton Live or Logic Pro.

Which DAWs and OSes can I use with Splice Bridge?

Splice Bridge is officially tested on:
  • Ableton Live 10+
  • Logic Pro X 10.5+
  • Studio One 5+
  • FL Studio 20.8+
  • GarageBand 10.4+

We cannot guarantee compatibility for other DAWs, but Splice Bridge should work with any DAW that supports VST3 or AU formats. In order to use Splice Bridge, the Desktop App must be open and requires the following operating systems:

  • macOS 10.15+
  • Windows 10+

How do I install Splice Bridge?

Please open the Splice Desktop App and head to the “Apps & Plugins” section. From there, you can install Bridge directly within the app.

I can’t find Splice Bridge in Ableton.

Splice Bridge comes in VST3 and AU versions. To use Splice Bridge in Ableton Live, make sure you’ve enabled VST3 and AU plugins from the Ableton live Preferences menu.

I can’t hear my samples in Logic Pro.

Logic Pro requires you to open the Splice Bridge window to enable audio. Once you’ve installed Bridge and added it to a track, navigate to the track and open the Splice Bridge window.

More questions? Check out the

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